We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Hi there – Emily here.

Kazia and I will be taking a break from TTLP for the next couple weeks to deal with the chaos of the ends of the semesters of our respective grad programs. We’re so very very pleased that you’ve all been enjoying our posts this fall, and we WILL be back shortly, just as soon as we catch up on our own paper-writing and paper-grading.

We do hope, however, that our own busy-ness doesn’t preclude your enjoyment of pop culture this December. Whether you embrace Hallmark movies or like picking holes in the message of Love Actually, whether you look forward to playing Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas albums or whether Sting is more your style, whether you’re more excited about watching A Muppet Christmas Carol on Netflix or reading snarky articles about the commercialization of the holiday season, we hope you enjoy your media diet in the next few weeks! After all, even if you’re sick of the omnipresence of Christmas cheer in the media, there are lots of exciting new things showing up on Netflix this month to occupy yourself with on a snowy December weekend – and, of course, the year-in-review top ten lists will be coming out pretty soon, providing even more recommendations for your pop culture consumption!

We’ll be back soon, and in the meantime we hope that you enjoy your December the way that Lorelai Gilmore enjoys snow.

Happy December!


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