On Ocean’s Eleven as the Definitive Slumber-Party Movie

Hi there — Emily here!

After discovering that neither of my teenaged sisters had ever seen Ocean’s Eleven (nobody panic: that oversight has since been rectified), I found myself this week thinking about the heist movie that is arguably the greatest slumber-party movie of our time. Well, okay, I’m exaggerating a bit. In all honesty, it’s tied with Clueless, Mean Girls, and The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition for first place in the definitive ranking. But Ocean’s Eleven is truly an amazing slumber-party movie (and also a pretty stellar it’s-Wednesday-night-and-I-don’t-feel-like-being-productive movie).

(Yes, I’m talking about the 2001 remake, not the 1960s rat pack original.) Whether you’re one of the lucky souls who still has ahead of them the joy of seeing this silly movie for the first time, or whether you’ve just forgotten how utterly charming this movie is — whether you’re planning a slumber-party or nostalgically remembering those nights of sleeping bags, nail polish, and far too little sleep — here are my reasons why Ocean’s Eleven should be your pick for your next movie night:

1. It’s an unabashedly campy heist movie, with a byzantine scheme, lots of thieves-with-hearts-of-gold, and all of the requisite plot twists.

2. It stars Mr. Amal Alamuddin, back when he was a suave and sexy eligible bachelor.

3. It co-stars Brad Pitt, as “Man Who Eats in Every Scene.”

4. Okay, Brad Pitt’s character is actually named Rusty Ryan, but seriously, his character’s seeming relationship with craft services is a hilariously weird running bit.

5. For that matter, all of the main cast is wonderful. You’ve got Elliot Gould chewing scenery alongside such actors as Carl Reiner, Julia Roberts, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, and a weirdly Cockney Don Cheadle.

6. On that note, of course, the number of A-list actors in Ocean’s Eleven makes it the perfect trump card in games of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It’s the perfect nexus of modern Hollywood stars.

7. But don’t worry that your slumber-party movie is without intellectual merit! Ocean’s Eleven is also educational. It features Debussy…

8. …demonstrates the principles of Cockney rhyming slang (where “Barney Rubble” = trouble and “Merchant Banker” = wanker) …

9. …and makes clear the difference between Monet and Manet.

Monet Manet 1

Monet Manet 2

10. Really, though, it’s a well written, artfully directed Soderbergh film which considers the mythos of the self-made man and the modern veneration of America as the land of opportunity.

Happy Watching!


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