Emily and Kazia Waste Time on the Internet

This week, we continue a series of posts devoted to summertime entertainment, including delightful beach-reads, road-trip-friendly podcasts, splashy summer movies, and oh-so-binge-able TV, as Emily and Kazia recommend some of their favorite internet finds from the past few months.

Summer, of course, can be the perfect time to tackle long-form pop culture. The days are longer, the responsibilities are fewer, and vacations are often the perfect excuse to sit down and binge The Wire or Friday Night Lights or to finally get around to reading Infinite Jest or Anna Karenina — or whatever else you’ve been promising people for years that you’ll read it or watch it just as soon as you have some free time. There’s no better time to read the entire Chris Claremont run on X-Men or to watch every Hitchcock film or to listen to the entire back catalog of This American Life.

But sometimes it’s nice to relax with absolutely NO plans for your afternoon, and just while away time amusing yourself on the internet. It’s not exactly a sustainable long-term lifestyle choice — we know that. But sometimes you’ve got to sit down with a piece of lemon meringue pie or a bowl of rainbow sherbet and just enjoy some silliness from the vast ether of the internet. So this week, we’re indulging our love of random internet ephemera by recommending some of our favorite things that we’ve seen online recently. We highly encourage you to find your dessert of choice and a deck chair within reach of wi-fi access to enjoy our link round-up!

Sir Patrick Stewart Gives Dramatic Reading of Taylor Swift Lyrics

You know you needed this in your life.

“No-Man’s Land

A contemplative, earnest exploration of race and gentrification in the Midwest, which Eula Biss considers through the perspective of Laura Ingalls Wilder and western expansion.

These Suffragette Posters Make Us Wanna Go Out and Exercise Our Rights

Get your tissues ready: fierce posters and a trailer featuring Landslide ahead (might as well start sobbing now).

A Surprisingly Deep Article About Re-Watching Lost

Because it’s okay to get invested in things that might ultimately end up disappointing you.

Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and the Gendering of Martyrdom

A thoughtful piece on sexism in pop culture.

Every Single Word

In which Dylan Marron (Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale) splices together every scene with a speaking person of color in popular movies, making for horrifyingly short films.

“Fun Home” Is Bringing Butch Lesbians Into The Mainstream

On the musical adaptation of Fun Home and the mainstreaming of Otherness.

A Complete Curmudgeon’s Guide to The Sound of Music

“When Mother Abbess tells Maria, ‘Climb ev’ry mountain,’ she is setting a very unrealistic expectation of success, especially since they are in the Alps.”

On the 800-Year History of Women and Whiskey

Ladies and booze and bootleggers.

Why Won’t Orange Is The New Black Acknowledge That Bisexuals Exist?

On bisexual erasure in Orange is the New Black and other popular media.

Key and Peele, “Pirate Shanty”

Key and Peele turn their attention to feminism with an AMAZING send-up of rape culture and every gender norm that you expected to be perpetuated by general piraticalness.

The Original Ghostwriter Behind Nancy Drew Was One of The Most Interesting YA Writers of All Time

An intriguing post about one of the first authors of Nancy Drew (yet to be fully perused by us, but too cool not to include).

The Pitch Meeting for Wishbone, as Imagined by The Toast

“VISIONARY: My winsome Jack Russell Terrier is no mere peddler of phonics. He is the bard, the scop, the muse. He is the flame that lights the cave.”

Have We Mentioned that Mallory Ortberg is The Best?

Happy Internet-ing!


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