An (Appropriately) Fast-Paced Recommendation of The Flash

This week, Emily takes a break from running around town at a disappointingly average speed to recommend that you start watching The Flash.

I love a show that embraces its own silliness — and the utter nerdiness of its fanbase — and runs with it. And it’s been a super busy week. But nothing’s been delighting me in the last week or so as much as the incredibly earnest, silly, enthusiastic, and charming The Flash. So this week, I give you nine (quick) reasons why you should catch up on The Flash.

1. Our protagonist, Barry Allen is adorably nerdy — actually, make that adorable and nerdy.

2. The show’s super self-aware about its tone and its genre.

tumblr_nw6s2xFaha1rq49qyo1_250 tumblr_nw6s2xFaha1rq49qyo2_250

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3. It also delights in the nerdiness of both its writers and its fanbase.

4. They even use pop culture properties to explain their own time-travel paradoxes — it’s recursive, nerdy, self-referential, and awesome.




5. Victor Garber is being delightful as ever delivering techno-babble with gravitas.

6. The actors are ridiculously talented and recorded an acapella cover of the “Ballad of Serenity.”

7. On that note, Jesse L. Martin is just the best. I forgot how many feelings I used to have about Tom Collins.

tumblr_npc29lfPMX1sjcg5bo3_250 tumblr_npc29lfPMX1sjcg5bo1_250


8. The show has tons of heart. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I got teary at a season finale.

9. It’s not perfect — the lady characters need a bit of work, and I’m not sure if the fact that one woman was talking about her completed dissertation in one episode and trying to get a job at a newspaper in the next was a continuity error or a subtle critique of the current job market in academia — but it’s pretty freaking awesome.

Happy Watching!


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