Month: December 2015

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

In which Emily announces TTLP’s semi-annual, end-of-semester hiatus.

December’s a lovely time of year. There’s snow, and anticipation of the holidays, and cheesy movies, and gingerbread, and all sorts of delightful things. For those of us in grad school, though, there’s also grading, and seminar papers, and end-of-semester busyness. Now I don’t want to say that seminar papers aren’t delightful (perish the thought!), but the chaos of the end of the semester does put a damper on Kazia’s and my ability to consume new media and write about it. So we at TTLP will be taking our holiday break a little bit early this year — although we encourage you to take this time to catch up on the awesome albeit dark (so we hear) A.K.A. Jessica Jones, the fantastic and clever (we promise) You Must Remember This, or the utterly charming and adorable (and we promise we’ll write about it at some point) Great British Baking Show.

We’ll see you back in 2016, though, with lots of new television shows, books, musicals, comics, podcasts, board games, etc. to have lots of thoughts about!

We hope you enjoy your holidays and have a happy and safe December!