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Jewel Tones, Damasks, and Ninja Turtles: A Vision Board for a Chilly April Afternoon

In which Emily recommends that you take gorgeous costumes, stunning music videos, and happy podcasts as inspiration on this surprisingly chilly day.

So, change of plans. I totally announced last post that I was starting a series of posts about title sequences. But really, I should have known better than to announce future plans for TTLP’s oh-so-spontaneous content-production. This Monday I find myself still overly excited about the Outlander costumes I praised last time, and really very much in the mood to curate bubbly and bad-ass awesome things to improve a brisk spring afternoon. This week, then, in the name of happy-making pop culture, silly links, and powering through the busyness of the last month of the semester, I present: A Vision Board for a Chilly April Afternoon.

Outlander Costumes

Holy Madame de Pompadour, the costumes on Outlander are STUNNING, whether you love knitwear, kilts, and wool

or whether you’re fascinated by the gorgeous fashions of pre-Revolutionary France on display in all the publicity stills for the nascent second season.

John Oliver Sending Ninja Turtles to Yankees Games

While we’re talking about people wearing fantastic things at famous locales…

Dude Watchin’ With the Brontes

Because Kate Beaton is glorious and Anne Bronte is tragically underappreciated.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Romance Novel Special

I’m completely in love with this hour of smart ladies amusing themselves, talking romance novels, and taking a very silly quiz.

Another Round: Our First Year

In which awesome ladies Heben and Tracy reflect on a year of podcasting, giggle lots, and discuss the evils of mongooses — mongeese?

“Atomic Number,” case/lang/veirs

After laughing along with the PCHH and Another Round ladies, perhaps it’s time for moody acoustic-y music from the new collaboration between Neko Case, k.d. Lang, and Laura Veirs.

Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period

Or if you’re really digging the bubbly-ness of silly but sincere podcasts, I highly recommend Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period. Honestly, I just found this podcast (thanks NPR One!) and haven’t listened to much of it yet. But that title’s just the most charming thing ever.

Beyonce’s Formation Video

You know you’ve watched this a few dozen times already. But is it possible to watch it too many times?

Enjoy your afternoon!


A Basket of Pop Culture Easter Eggs

This week, in honor of the myriad Easter egg hunts that will be happening in the next few days, we’ve decided to collect our own set of pop culture Easter eggs. Plenty of other places on the internet have collected those traditional “Easter eggs” from your favorite pieces of pop culture — there are tons of articles that talk about that time that a Firefly-class ship showed up in Battlestar Galactica, that time that time that the Millennium Falcon showed up in Blade Runner, and those dozens of times that Han Solo in carbonite can be seen in Firefly itself. So instead, we decided to collect some of our favorite delightful little snippets of the internet: a set of eclectic Easter eggs to make your week more fun and colorful.

(Source: Melanie, delightfully wonderful -- and wonderfully creative -- friend of the blog)

(Source: Melanie, delightfully wonderful — and wonderfully creative — friend of the blog)

Two Bossy Dames

Margaret and Sophie curate the internet via blog posts and a newsletter that they’ll send to your email inbox. They’re utterly snazzy and fabulous, and their website wallpaper is Lauren Bacall doing a little shimmy dance.


“Sorry, I can’t get a ride.”

Women on 20s Campaign

Because why should we look at Andrew Jackson all the time when we could be honoring Margaret Sanger, Patsy Mink, or Harriet Tubman?

New Trailer for HBO’s Bessie

Blues. 1920s. Queen Latifah.

Super Awesome Wonder Woman Sweater Pattern

All the world is waiting for you / And the wonders that you do / In your cozy sweater!

Jim Cantore Gets Blissfully Happy about Thundersnow

Because everyone should find the thundersnow for their inner Jim Cantore.

Chris Hemsworth, Sexiest Man Alive, As Imagined by The Toast

“‘Why do we have to kill the old one?’ he’d asked once.”

Founding Fathers (in a Mall)

A perfect comic by the impeccable Kate Beaton in which the Founding Fathers discover such modern novelties as Burger King and Billy the Bass.

Sesame Street Live at NerdHQ

Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Murray, and their Muppeteers make an appearance at last year’s San Diego Comic Con in a heartwarming, funny, cheerful interview conducted by Zachary Levi.

Don Draper 101

Because we all wish we went to a college that offered this course, and not all of us were so lucky.

A Gospel Cover of the “Ballad of Serenity”

The Flash stars Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, and Rick Cosnett made a gospel a capella cover of the theme song to Joss Whedon’s much beloved sci fi hit Firefly. It’s pretty cunning.

Racebent Hermione Granger

Because it’s time to question our assumptions that all characters are white until described otherwise.

Jess Mariano Is Josie Pye: Your Definitive Character Guide To Stars Hollow and Avonlea

Stars Hollow, Avonlea, and Mallory Ortberg converge in a Venn Diagram of kindred spirits

A Fantastic Profile of Tatiana Maslany

Before Orphan Black comes back for (huzzah!) season three, check out this fabulous profile in the New York Times Magazine by Lili Loofbourow. It’s a really smart piece on Orphan Black, fame, and femininity.

Giles Gets Knocked Down

The greatest montage of Buffy clips set to a ‘90s novelty song that you will ever see.

Happy Procrastinating!